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Many thanks to our kind sponsors and creative friends who have donated their time and talents to help make this happen:

Juan is Dead

Juan Is Dead, a world where you can find collectables from the afterlife.

Creator, Leah Reeves, studied Fine Art at Nottingham University and worked for several years in Fashion and Advertising.  After discovering mosaic quite by chance, she fell in love with the medium and uses mosaic to create contemporary one-off pieces of art and illustrations. Her love of  mischief and otherworldliness is influenced by her Spanish ancestry and the Mexican celebration Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead.

The characters from Juan is Dead paint the afterlife as one hell of a party, they enjoy everything from their living life, but without guilt, hangovers, constraints or worry.

"They're wall art, but also sculpture, the light reflects off each hand-cut piece and when you hold one, you know you're in possession of something special."

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Paul A Young - Chocolate is Art!


Paul Young is a groundbreaking and inspirational chocolatier who is at the forefront of the British chocolate scene. Paul’s passion for his craft and his cutting edge creativity have won him numerous awards and led to him being ranked amongst the world’s best chocolatiers.

Paul has a reputation as an incredibly creative flavour alchemist who often develops flavour combinations that are original, experimental, sometimes daring, yet always perfectly balanced. He is the only chocolatier in London working in a truly artisan way. He and his team make all their creations completely by hand in the kitchens at each shop, in small batches and at every stage using fresh ingredients. Compounds, concentrates, essences, preservatives and additives are not used.

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Yalla Yalla Beirut Street Food

The first Yalla Yalla, in Green’s Court, Soho, was opened in late 2008 by chef Jad Youssef and his partner Aga Ilska. Beirut-born Jad met Aga, who is Polish, while the two worked in a central London Lebanese restaurant – she ran the front-of-house while he was in the kitchen.
Their dream and their passion was to open their own business, and when the tiny Soho site became available they jumped at the opportunity even though it is only 28 seats, the first Yalla Yalla was an instant hit with the local Soho crowd, and the couple soon started looking for a second location.
The opportunity to create a larger restaurant, just north of busy Oxford Street, arose in early 2010, and Yalla Yalla in Winsley Street opened in late 2010. The template for informal Lebanese and other Middle Eastern cuisine has provided Jad and Aga with the eagerness to spread the Yalla Yalla concept even further, and they are actively looking for additional restaurant sites in London.




Multimedia Library


The Multimedia Library is a Community Interest Company, set up to fund and create unique video programmes for the Arts. These programmes include

  • gallery exhibition previews and commentaries
  • rare interviews with living artists
  • lectures from art experts
  • discussions and talks from commentators, gallery curators and artists
  • educational programmes
  • bringing little known but valuable arts and crafts organisations into the light

This archive of unique material is social history in the making and, as such, we aim to make it available to people all over the world. We will be partnering with sponsors and supporters to enable us to create and distribute these programmes over the Internet.

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ilovegoodbeer.com - the refreshingly different beer magazine


 London’s finest online magazine dedicated to great beer and the places to find it. Labelled as ‘a refreshingly different beer magazine’, I Love Good Beer delves into the world of beer, exploring the new and burgeoning Craft Beer Renaissance, the traditional values of beer, and the Great British pub culture.

The magazine was launched in 2013 and immediately immersed itself in the emerging and blossoming craft beer scene that began to heavily invade London and the rest of the UK.

They have since collaborated with popular breweries from Hackney’s Five Points and Beavertown Brewery, to various Hampshire-based real ale breweries such as Bowman Ales and Upham Brewery.

The magazine prides itself on covering the latest news and trends emanating from the London and UK beer scenes, keeping consumers and enthusiasts consistently in the know and engaged in the world of beer.

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