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Glastonbury...Almost there.

We are almost ready to go, packed with our waterproofs - who said there might be mud!  Ready for whatever the weather might throw at us or not. So in the best tradition let's tell you about our exciting line up! We are offering short- up to  20 minutes talks by 3 exciting lecturers.

Gerald Deslandes is talking about Patti Smith. Follow him on this link. http://geralddeslandes.tumblr.com She has an exciting story to tell if you have not read her book "Just Kids" it is a must.  

Louise Schofield has 3 riveting titles "Werwolves and Hyena Men" telling tales of shapeshifters from deeply ancient werewolf cults to the modern-day heyena men of Ethiopia.  "Skull Caps and Cannibals" from ancient myths to modern- day archaelogical discoveries of human sacrifice and cannibalism- including the skull caps of the Cheddar Gorge (somerset) and finally "Ethiopian Tales: The Queen of Sheba and Sleeping Beauty". Telling the story of the Queen of Sheba and Louise's excavations in May of this year of a 2000 year old Ethiopian "Sleeping Beauty" buried with treasure. Louise recently had a piece in the national press  http://goo.gl/UZemlp.  

Ben Roberts is our final lecturer "Sky Discs, Sun Chariots and Stonehenge - archaeology and ancient religion" What did our prehistoric ancestors believe in? In the last few decades, archaeology has made huge progress in understanding ancient beliefs and rituals. This talk will show how stunning new discoveries such as the Nebra disc and new understandings of sacred sites and objects such as Stonehenge and the Trundholm Sun chariot have changed our understanding of prehistoric peoples.

Look out for our pop up locations and after a night of music come and enjoy the spoken word......