In the field with Judy Q

Back home but oh what fun

Day Two -- The Field experience

Here at last - let the fun begin.............

To day is the day so if you are at Glastonbury then you will find us at Buzz Stop at 12.00, so catch a culture bite before the music begins All  In Art flying the flag for cultural fun with a bit of a bite . Buzz Stop is located past the far side of "The Other Stage. Bring your mates!.

Glastonbury...Almost there.

We are almost ready to go, packed with our waterproofs - who said there might be mud!  Ready for whatever the weather might throw at us or not. So in the best tradition let's tell you about our exciting line up! We are offering short- up to  20 minutes talks by 3 exciting lecturers.

16 days before arrival at base camp Glastonbury

Judy Q more known for enjoying comfortable cultural haunts with the odd G &T is taking the All in Art message out into the field, with her trusty team of Eden and Edward, and 3 willing NADFAS Accredited Lecturers who will be adding to the Glastonbury experience with some short cultural lecture bites.

Join her on this adventure to blow away the popular view that art is only for the middle classes and share the  experience of  this  a special  cultural field trip......! 

In the Field

this morning we are testing tents

In the Field

All In Art goes to Glastonbury this year

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