All about All In Art

Time is a precious commodity these days. What little we have spare, we want to be sure is being spent in a worthwhile way. One thing we often neglect is our imagination. We’d all like to spend more time reading, learning something new, or even just having a think, but it’s often those things that are the first to get side lined.

‘All in Art’ has been created with that in mind. Through a series of regular lectures we’ll present opportunities to listen, explore and absorb art related subjects in a relaxed and interesting environment. What better way to develop your knowledge than having a few after work drinks with some like-minded people?

And, if any other commitments do come up, you can always catch anything you’ve missed with our online subscription. Lectures will be streamed for you to watch when you get a minute

We’ll showcase exceptional speakers such as curators, historians, writers, broadcasters, and a host of practising academics. Our diverse range of topics cover anything and everything, from Ikea to UFOs, hairstyles to magic, pub signs to the black death, showing how all things can be connected.

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